Zoran Dzorlev, Professor of a Violin and MA in folkloristics.

He is born in Strumica, Republic of Macedonia on 10 of January 1967.

Introduction of the violin starts at primary and secondary music educational school at “DMBUC”- Ilija Nikolovski Luj – Skopje.

He graduate violin in 1990 at Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje.

14 years he have been working in Macedonian Opera and Ballet, in the last 3 years (before joining Ballet School) he works as a deputy concert master

Member of the Youth Chamber Orchestra of the MMM led by prof. Maestro Fimco Muratovski as deputy concert master.

Member of the Macedonian Chamber Orchestra in Leadership of Maestro Vanco Chavadarski.

Member of many chamber orchestras and Macedonian Filharmony.

Member of the (OM-) national and review orchestra in Radio and Television

In 2000 he start’s working as a professor of violin at Ballet School “DMBUC” Ilija Nikolovski Luj – Skopje. (

From 2007 until 2011 he is Director (General Manager) of “DMBUC” Ilija Nikolovski Luj – Skopje.

From January 2011 to July 2017 he is Director (General Manager) of National Institution Ensemble of Dances and Songs of Macedonia – “Tanec” (

In his carrier he has performed solo recitals through the Republic of Macedonia and abroad, performing with the Macedonian Filharmony and chamber orchestras, with a string trios, quartets and quintets……..


He won many prizes in violin competitions in Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, competitions of violin in the Republic of Macedonia, international encounters of academic orchestras and chamber music etc….


Students under his patronage had won a lot of awards for participation in national and international competitions in violin and chamber music

In its extensive career he received several first, second, and third awards at national competitions of violin, first prizes at the national competition of chamber music, second and third prize in the international competition

Jury member of national and international competitions of violin and chamber music.

He is very active in participation in seminars with Prof.. Marina Jashvili, Viktor Tretjakov, David Kamhi, Dejan Mihajlovikj, Blagoja Dimchevski and others.

Active participation in educational classes with Professor Marina Jashvili, David Kamhi, Blagoja Dimcevski.

As a teacher, professor and violin maestro he is very famous for remakes of Macedonian folk songs and entertaining music, the film music covers, jazz, ethno themes and also he perform them.

Since 2007 he is main editor and host of a popular music shows “ZAJDI ZAJDI”, “ZORA ZORI” and “IN THE PATH OF THE SONG”(PO PATOT NA PESNATA) which are broadcasted on Macedonian national television’s.